There comes a time when we feel the call to be real

  • To go down the road least taken,

  • To step into a new path we feel called to,

  • To start or deepen a relationship,

  • To deepen into or make a career shift for more rewarding work,

  • To choose to express ourselves authentically,

And then we meet challenges on our path. We face questions and doubts –

Am I ready? Do I have the courage?

Is this right for me?

How do I make this happen?

Am I qualified?

What is true about change is the resistance to change.

change is hard because we are neuropsychologically hardwired to resist change. We are designed to maintain predictable patterns of being. Predictability is our survival mechanism.

In a post-modern, post-truth, and increasingly complex world in which predictability is challenged we face greater resistance in pursuing our dreams and goals. Whether that resistance is neuropsychologically baked in internally or externally driven, we often feel stuck, and unable to change in the face of these challenges. Most of us know we need support to change. We often find conventional processes designed to help change, don’t work. When we have been trying everything but feel we are still stuck, we realize we need something new: a new way of looking at change.

MetaPsychotherapy Is

. . . a process that goes beyond accepted psychotherapeutic practices and theories to look at what is hidden, unconscious beneath the surface. 


  • Clarifies the underlying hidden reasons causing resistance to change
  • Supports you to take the difficult journey of letting go of what no longer serves you
  • Gives you skills to transform and achieve your goals and dreams

MetaPsychotherapy incorporates both depth and liberation principles along with alchemical principles of transformation into a practical process of dealing with real change in today’s complex world.

Incorporating depth psychological principles goes beyond conscious psychological states into what is unconscious. MetaPsychotherapy sees the individual within a matrix of biological, neurological, and psychological constructs.

Using liberation psychological principles, MetaPsychotherapy then situates the individual within complex intersections of social, cultural, economic, familial, and intergenerational interfaces to deepen and widen our conscious and unconscious embodied experience of being human with others.

Change is hard because we are neuropsychologically hardwired to resist change and maintain predictable patterns of being. MetaPsychotherapy draws on transformational practices that have been known across all cultures and time, rooted in alchemical transformation principles. Alchemists have long understood how to deal with resistance to change by creating tools to deal with obscure and dark matters of change: life, death, and rebirth. 


Re-imagining, re-wiring, re-educating, and re-pairing connections we desire

Our Services


The fee structure is built to be affordable for everyone from individuals, to whole families.
*These sessions are virtual and online.

Individual MetaPsychotherapy 

$200 USD 

One on one sessions online to help you
• Explore the issues of concern that brings you to therapy,
• Explore how your- neuro—psycho – biology contributes to unhelpful emotional/mental patterns,
• Explore possible past trauma(s) and family/support system.

Couple MetaPsychotherapy 
Family MetaPsychotherapy 

$1,320.00 USD per person  

Tailored online sessions for whole family to help whole family
• Address patterns of conflict,
• Bring to the fore issues that have been suppressed or repressed,
• Collectively change these dysfunctional patterns.

Systemic Family Constellation  

$400 USD 

Private online session preliminary interview & constellation process to resolve deep issues on a personal and familial level. Involves
• Preliminary interview process
• Constellation process

Transforming Relationships Academy  

$1320 USD

Personal development program guiding individuals and couples to
• become conscious of what stops them from achieving connection and belonging in their relationships,
• consciously navigate how to transform.

Thirteen work, online program.

Kink Knowledgeable Academy

Online Continuing Professional Development for mental health practitioners.
Addressing a vacuum in the therapeutic community for professional clinical training in atypical sexualities.
From the publication of “Becoming a Kink Aware Therapist”:
• the first comprehensive online academy
• introducing best clinical practices in an e-Learning platform.

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