Sustainable change through individual, couple, family MetaPsychotherapy and education. 

These days, therapy is more accessible, less stigmatized and more available.  However, the types of therapies available vary dramatically depending on the philosophical basis of the theories that drive them. 


MetaPsychotherapy incorporates a variety of techniques which may appear circuitous not linear. It is a systemic approach that first aims is to deeply understanding often unconscious issues that disrupt or threaten your perception of yourself creating distress. MetaPsychotherapy brings to the fore issues that have been suppressed and repressed leading to avoidance and/or continuous patterns of conflict. 

MetaPsychotherapy quickly brings to the fore issues that have been suppressed and repressed: the source of avoidance and/or continuous patterns of conflict. 

Once these are understood, MetaPsychotherapy aims to strengthen your ability to be clearer and stronger in yourself in order for them to reach a sustainable resolution of their issues. This will also translate to having healthier relationships with your close relationships.

It is my experience that in the initial stage’s individuals may feel distress, may act out in old maladaptive patterns (leave, blame, avoid). The MetaPsychotherapy process creates a container to hold all the moving parts in your system gently and safely.  To avoid unhealthy ruptures with your close relationships I encourage their involvement in your process.  In my experience, this enables you to change in a supported and safe manner because your close relationships will be able to safely hear you and contribute to the process health-fully.

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MetaPsychotherapy Services

Sustainable change through personal and professional development programs specializing in relationships.

Individual MetaPsychotherapy (IM) 

Healthy relationship with yourself is a cornerstone of emotional, mental and spiritual and wellbeing. Unfortunately, too often, people suffer from unhealthy dynamics which strain their mental, spiritual, and physical wellbeing which in turn affects their relationships. The reasons why people come to individual therapy varies. Sometimes a crisis precipitates a need to resolve issues. Other times, people experience a slow burn of issues that they become increasingly unable to shift on their own. 

You didn’t create the problem you currently identify in isolation. You come from a particular family with its own intergenerational history, a social cultural context, and have lived in the world with various interactions which have all shaped who you are, how you cope with and adjust to life.  Some of that is conscious some unconscious.  

I offer private consultations to help you deeply explore the issues of concern that brings you to therapy using a systemic approach through individual metapsychotherapy (IT). You and I will deal with the complex interaction between the patterns that have developed in your inner world (between your- neuro—psycho – biology) and how that intersects with your current issues, history, possible past trauma(s) as well as the intersection with your existing family/support system. 

These sessions are virtual and online.  

Couple MetaPsychotherapy (CM) 

Healthy relationships are a cornerstone of health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, too often, many couples suffer from unhealthy dynamics which strain their relationships and affect each person’s mental, spiritual, and physical wellbeing. Many situations can trigger a crisis in a relationship. Often these crises represent unresolved attachment issues in one or both individuals, or unconscious underlying power struggles. When we find ourselves in a relationship crisis, our natural reaction is to defend against pain. These defence patterns are almost always rooted in childhood experiences and often evolve into maladaptive self preservations that are either minimizing (e.g. withdrawing, shutting down, avoiding) or maximizing (demanding, being critical, nagging).  

We experience this as either a painful loss of contact or painful contact. When these patterns get stuck in a loop, the relationship feels unsafe. This in turn leads to counter defence reactions to self preserve and avoid pain. Through couple MetaPsychotherapy I offer private consultations to help you deeply explore the issues that brings you into therapy. It is my experience that most couple-related issues take a longer time to reach shared understanding and resolution. In the initial stage each person in a couple may feel anxiety, distress, or some may act out in customary maladaptive patterns (leave, blame, avoid).  To create a robust and safe container in which this process can operate, the couple MetaPsychotherapy (CM) process I offer combines alternating one-on-one sessions with each individual followed by a couple session.

Using couple MetaPsychotherapy (CM) we will systemically look at possible individual issues/history; current or past trauma(s) within your couple system, and also examine broader influences with potential intergenerational issues. Using a variety of systemic techniques CM aims to help you   

  • Define goals and objectives individually and as a couple, 
  • Explore/diagnose the issues at a deeper level, 
  • Feedback from the diagnosis and evaluate original goals and objectives, 
  • Consciously address these issues as individuals and as a couple. 

Once these are understood, couple MetaPsychotherapy aims to strengthen each of you as well as the interpersonal relationship between you to reach a resolution of your issues. 

These sessions are virtual and online.  

Family Metapsychotherapy (FM) 

Human beings greatest need is for belonging, connection and security. In most societies family provides and nurtures these core needs. Family is a cornerstone of health and wellbeing for all within the family system. Unfortunately, too often, many families suffer from unhealthy dynamics and strained relationships which affect everyone’s mental, spiritual, and physical wellbeing.  

For many people, family is the source of disconnection, rupture, and insecurity. Many issues arise in families, some eventually leading to conflict, withdrawal and sometimes estrangement. The mental, emotional, physical health issues that arise from these can be devastating to individuals and families. 

Through Family MetaPsychotherapy (FM) I offer a unique process for family therapy by incorporating a variety of techniques. Drawing from Bowen’s family therapy, Minuchin’s Structural Family Therapy, and Hellinger’s Systemic Family Constellation I aim to help the family deeply understand often unconscious issues and patterns which disrupt or threaten to disrupt healthy relationships within the family system.

To create a container to hold all the members of the family system gently and safely, I combine one-on-one sessions with each member of the family followed by a family session.  In this way, family MetaPsychotherapy quickly brings to the fore issues that have been suppressed and repressed leading to avoidance and/or continuous patterns of conflict so that we can collective change these dysfunctional patterns.   

I strongly believe that all those involved in the family system have a stake in resolving issues. If all members of the family are unwilling to participate in Family MetaPsychotherapy process. it is my experience the outcomes will likely be disappointing and possibly unsuccessful if all involved do not participate.  If that is the case, I do not encourage family MetaPsychotherapy without the commitment of all involved.

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Systemic Family Constellation 

The philosophical orientation of Family Constellations comes from an integration of existential phenomenology, psychoanalytic theory, gestalt therapy, psychodynamic therapy, family systems therapy, trauma-informed therapy, and elements of indigenous Zulu mysticism & beliefs.   

Choosing to do a systemic family constellation is an opportunity to resolve deep issues on a personal and familial level. It appeals to people who have been aware of deeper issues that they have needed to explore. 

What to expect 

I offer systemic family constellation for individuals and groups. The family constellation process takes about two hours to conduct.  Many people find what emerges in the field of family constellation during a session is sufficient to resolve the issue they have come for.  Occasionally some people find additional layers that emerge that they wish to explore through another constellation or other forms of healing including psychotherapy.   

There are two phases to a systemic family constellation:  

Interview Process

A couple of days before the constellation I will conduct a short interview to get a sense of your family’s genogram (this is your family tree/history).  I will ask questions about your family history as required. Some people have a lengthy genogram and others do not have much information about their family genogram.  Both experiences are perfectly fine.  If you do not know any family history that is ok.  

Constellation Process

Conducting the systemic family constellation online I will use an online process to “map” your family constellation. During this process, I will ask you to situate various members of your family and how they are in a relationship with one another.  Then through a series of questions, we will explore these dynamics by feeling into how each member relates to one another and exploring what comes up intuitively as we see these dynamics unfold.  

It is my experience that some people find as soon as they book to do their constellation, they may start to experience various shifts that place; they remember issues, incidents, thoughts, or feelings arise, synchronicities occur with situations or people.  These are all normal shifts in the person’s conscious/unconscious energy getting ready to move.  

I offer private consultations for individuals to help you explore more deeply issues of concern to you and/or to explore the material emerging for you through participation in the other services in MetaPsychotherapy 

These sessions are virtual and online. Email for more information 

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MetaPsychotherapy Educational Programs 

Sustainable change through personal and professional development programs specializing in relationships.

The Transforming Relationships Academy offers an online program that includes a two-part series of online courses involving over 13 modules. Part One Becoming Conscious aims to foreground what is unconscious, and Part Two, Consciously Transforming helps you change what you have identified needs to change.  

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Transforming Relationships Academy

The How and Why of Being in Relationships, Connection, belonging, and Love. 

The Transforming Relationships Academy was established to provide a comprehensive integrated process for people to navigate the how and why of being in relationships, connection, belonging, and love.    

The Transforming Relationships Academy is a comprehensive integrated process for people to reimagine and navigate the journey through life authentically, consciously, and powerfully in connection with themselves and others. It aims to enhance intimate relationships by creating conscious healthy evolving relationships in a complex post-modern, post-truth world.  It does this by guiding individuals and couples to become conscious of what stops them from achieving connection and belonging in their relationships and, consciously navigate how to transform.  

The Transforming Relationship Program is offered to groups of no more than 10 people three times a year:  

May 2023. 10 places.. 

August 2023. 10 places. 

February 2023. 10 places. 

Early Bird Specials Enrollments open

Kink Knowledgeable Academy

The Kink Knowledgeable Academy is the first international program offering psychotherapists continued education to understand and work more effectively with kink-identified clients. 

The Kink Knowledgeable Program came out of the publication of “Becoming a Kink Aware Therapist”. The authors recognized a vacuum in the therapeutic community for professional clinical training in a typical sexualities.

To address this gap and misinformation, they decided to launch the first comprehensive online academy which introduces best clinical practices in an e-Learning platform. 

Part One: Foundation. 

Part Two: Therapeutic Considerations 

Kink Knowledgeable Academy offers an online program that includes a two-part series of online courses involving over 18 discrete learning classes and related subjects. The Kink Knowledgeable Program is offered individually, it is not a group program.

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