About Me

Caroline Shahbaz

MPsych; MA(Depth Liberation Psychology); MAPS

I am a philosopher, seeker, outsider, author, educator, and pioneer.

Driven by the four key questions in life; why am I here, who am I, what do I want and what do I fear, my life’s work has been about change and my passion to be authentic. A third-generation Armenian genocide survivor, with a background in clinical psychology and thirty years in management consulting, my life’s journey has led me on a psychological-spiritual journey seeking knowledge, understanding, and experience to heal myself and others. These journeys took me to Indian gurus, Filipino faith healers, Buddhist temples, Peruvian shamans, Sufi teachers, Jungian psychology, and alchemy. I needed to grapple with the dimensions of the psyche often avoided by cognitive psychology; what is unconscious. My quest was to explore what motivates and drives our hidden desires, passions, and fears, and how conflict created from betrayals, emotional hurts, and personal traumas can be resolved.

My life experiences, combined with my formal and informal studies have led me to re-examine and re-imagine how to be in a relationship with ourselves and with others. This brings into sharp focus the importance of considering the larger social cultural-political constructs and their often hidden impacts on individuals and their relationships. I embraced a depth and liberation framework to look at what is hidden or unconscious in ourselves and our relationships, both as the source of our disturbance and as the source of potential resolution, of transformation.

These understandings converged to be embodied into profound insights about the nature of Being and Being-in-Relationships. I coined the term “MetaPscyhotherapy” to describe the process I developed to see into areas beneath the surface of consciousness, to explore difficult areas of relationships that go beyond conventional psychology.

My epiphany is that all personal or interpersonal issues (not just extremes such as domestic violence) have roots firmly nested within larger social, cultural, and political constructs. It is through increasingly being conscious of ourselves, that we can consciously be in relationship with ourselves, others, our families, and the world we live in.

Only now in my journey am I able to offer these metapsychotherapeutic insights in service to others. I have chosen to do this by weaving them into the larger tapestry of my therapeutic services as well as in the educational programs I am investing my time into.

Thank you for joining me on the journey.

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I am always available if you want to chat about MetaPsychotherapy, Transforming Relationships, Kink Knowledgeable Academy, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to reach out.